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Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Department


Mission & Vision

Team KNOx caters to the hunger and passion of all automobile enthusiasts on the campus by providing an environment where learning and creating go hand in hand. We keep ourselves updated with the latest technologies and further pursue research and innovation to achieve excellence in the field of mechanical design.

It is our aim to become the best off-road team in the country. Thus, we also learn to maintain disciplined timelines and manage funds. The valuable experience gained from the same contributes to the growth of an innovative, entrepreneurial, automobile culture on campus.

About Us

Team KNOx IIT Roorkee is the official off-road racing team of IITR. The team designs and fabricates an off-road vehicle and participate in National level competition BAJA SAE India, the most prominent engineering level competition held in the country. Team KNOx provides a big platform to all the creative people who starve to work out of the box and are willing to sweat it out to achieve something.

The team is open to all students of all disciplines with passion and dedication being the two main prerequisites. Mechanical design and marketing are the two main verticals under which the students work in the team.

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■ 2nd place among 326 teams in CAE category (awarded by ANSYS Inc.) in 2013.

■ Overall rank 10 among 280 teams in 2011 i.e. a top 10 finish in the second year of participation.

■ Overall rank 13 among 288 teams in 2012 and no. 1 among IITs.

■ Incorporation of fully customised and self-designed assemblies.

■ We also have a couple of patents pending.

■ Achieved #7 Rank in Design Section in Virtuals Round (1st among all IITs) in 2017.

■ Team KNOx qualified with its personal best, scoring a total of 172.4 points out of 200 in 2017.

■ Currently ranked 1 amongst the participating IIT’s.

Faculty Advisors

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Prof Akshay Dvivedi

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Prof Arup Kumar Das